Luxor house came from a design contest for a beach development in the Caribbean. Surrounded by golf courses and luxury homes, this project exploits the larger scale of buildout and the volumetric potential of high ceilings and first floor elevation.

Determined to allow the maximum surface possible to uncovered outdoor spaces, L shaped floorplan was chosen to close the perimeter and obtain privacy from the road and both side setbacks, as well as introducing better natural lighting as more transparency and glass enclosures became suitable.

Our approach towards the demand for high-end and luxury focused on choosing a fine palette of local and imported natural stones, blended with floor to ceiling frameless glass to maintain simplicity and appreciate more the accents on the different volumes / stone types.

The humid island weather and the absence of existing trees demanded for a combination of overhangs and planters to protect interiors from the sun’s radiation on this higher ceiling project.

Location: Punta Cana, República Dominicana

  • Lot size 2595m2
  • Building footprint 620m2
  • Living area 1100m2
  • Landscaping 1975m2
  • Preserved trees 14 trees
  • Garden area 1127m2
  • Pool area 252m2
  • Glass railing 83m2
  • Concrete m3 620m3
  • Steel rebar 62tons
  • Glass enclosure 283m2
  • 9 Bedrooms 10 Bathrooms
  • Service kitchen and living kitchen Studio
  • Tv room with terrace Conditioned living room
  • Pool and terrace area 2 Parking spots