Atlantis will be built on top of a viewpoint lot in the mountains of the Avila National Park, where it enjoys hot Caribbean weather mixed with fresh mountain breezes.

Atlantis is the antagonism of a coastal vacation home: all living areas, outdoor spaces and pool are elevated from the ground, where the house only accommodates for guest rooms and service areas. This important decision seeks to experience flotation or gravitation for all the open living, as if the house was the top of a tall building.

The iconic master bedroom enjoys the glass box privilege with full panoramic experience of both the ocean and the mountains when looking at any direction, and the ceiling slab also works as a helipad for exclusive audience.

The complex structure required to hold the pool and the overhangs of the three-story high project gained strength as the design moved forward, until it finally became the architecture itself, mostly on the living areas where floor columns and ceiling slab are the only tangible elements.

Location: La Sabana, Vargas, Venezuela

  • Lot size 932m2
  • Building footprint 515m2
  • Living area 861m2
  • Landscaping 417m2
  • Pool terrace 122m2
  • Pool area 132m2
  • Preserved trees 5 trees (80%)
  • Concrete m3 440m3
  • Structural rebar 50,4 tons
  • Glass enclosure 211m2
  • Glass railing 207m2
  • 7 Bedrooms 9 Bathrooms
  • Kitchen + dinning + living room Pool and terrace area
  • Sauna TV room
  • Rooftop terrace Helypad
  • 3 Parking spots