Designed for and inspired on the aviation industry, Aeros house resembles the engineering logic of having two wings gravitate on both sides of a rigid tunnel-like space.

Deeper into abstraction, predominant wind directions are aligned with the airplane, meaning the house will be “flying” headwind or tailwind when the breeze blows through the spaces of the house.

To the advantage of this beachfront property, the spaces covered by the non- symmetrical wings enjoy corner views of the stunning Nicaraguan coastline, one side contains all three bedrooms of the house, the other side all living and eating places. All service areas, bathrooms, installations and storage take place inside the central tunnel or the “airplane”

To enhance the devotion for flying, real size models of actual wings have been inserted as overhangs on both ends of the house. This idea is still under evaluation, analyzing the complexity of shaping the curved surfaces of a boeing 737-800 and a falcon 2000XP.

Location: Hacienda Iguana, Tola, Nicaragua

  • Lot size 1643m2
  • Building footprint 520m2
  • Living area 745m2
  • Landscaping 1123m2
  • Preserved trees 17 trees
  • Garden area 846m2
  • Pool area 112m2
  • Terrace 178m2
  • Concrete m3 450m3
  • Steel rebar 45tons
  • Glass enclosure 233m2
  • 5 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms
  • Kitchen + dinning + living room Pool and terrace area
  • Rooftop terrace 2 Parking spots