Developed from a series of models for a multifamily vacation project in the mountains, this smaller scale concrete structure is meant to be used as a block for urban design approach in sloped terrain. As a response to the common strict guidelines of the developers, we challenged the models to function between dividing walls, relying only on their front and back ends for views, lighting and ventilation.

For Alpha, the sloped terrain on the urban context means that one of both side neighbors is sitting on lower ground, and the opportunities to open the building to look above neighbors roof meant careful attention to the design of the rooftops and the mandatory landscaping on top of them; but also means that the other neighbor will be sitting on higher ground, and the house is forced to be oriented towards the open corner.

A simple open space plan solved the living areas next to the view, the service quarters helped to obtain privacy from the road and a small lobby gesture made cross ventilation possible on any weather pattern.

Location: La Sabana, Vargas, Venezuela

  • Lot size 565m2
  • Building footprint 264m2
  • Living area 264m2
  • Landscaping 301m2
  • Preserved trees 7 trees
  • Garden area 173m2
  • Pool area 23m2
  • Terrace 105m2
  • Concrete m3 182m3
  • Steel rebar 18,1tons
  • Glass enclosure 70m2
  • 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms
  • Kitchen + dinning + living room Pool and terrace area
  • TV room 2 Parking spots