Initially conceived as an art studio or art gallery, the floorplan makes positive use of the structural walls as exhibition spaces. Furthermore, the rhythm of those concrete elements from mass to void, generates the ideal canvas for the muralist and painter Louis Carreon to customize his own nature retreat. The way the structure characterizes the whole architectural expression along with the challenges faced while engineering for the open corners, the thin structural walls and slabs is definitely a victory of form over function.

The riverfront lot was very rich in guasimo trees, and its higher water table keeps a year-long canopy – veil that casts it shadows over the house. After a careful study of their diameter we chose where to build and where to preserve, so the whole building footprint could be shaded.

With a completely open floorplan, the living spaces of the house allow for every corner to become the art studio, so that the painter can take advantage of the ideal lighting and landscape at any given time. A neutral grey palette for both concrete structure and wooden finishes gives more importance to the artwork over the architecture, with almost no contrast, and a light surface to observe the very dynamic shadow patterns.

Location: Hacienda Iguana, Tola, Nicaragua

  • Lot size 2240m2
  • Building footprint 362m2
  • Living area 362m2
  • Landscaping 1878m2
  • Preserved trees 77 trees
  • Garden area 1622m2
  • Terrace 82m2
  • Parking area 52m2
  • Pool area 122m2
  • Concrete m3 277m3
  • Steel rebar 27,7 tons
  • Glass enclosure 112m2
  • 3 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms
  • Kitchen + dinning + living room Gallery /art studio
  • Pool and terrace area 2 Parking spots
  • Storage Interior garden
  • River terrace Roftop terrace