Designed right next to the island’s international airport, Natura’s Residences adopted the axis of the runway since its clearly visible from the building which ended making it much easier for the project to cope with the airspace regulations. The linear array of the apartments was a result of the mandatory cross ventilation required for a limited capacity power grid, and a complex water recycling system made it possible for the building to even return treated waters back to the island’s network.

The project has been a great opportunity for the studio to learn about the potential of steel framed structural systems for residential multi-family developments. The thinner sections on all structural elements: slabs, columns and beams allow for a much more efficient use of the building’s footprint, less surface is wasted on the apartments dividing walls, as well as less thickness is required for the building’s outer shell.

Challenged with the salty weather of the Caribbean, the design team chose to treat the steel skeleton as if it were an old-fashioned concrete core and is finishing all its walls and floors with cinder block and masonry elements resulting in the ultimate waterproofing and rust protecting coat for the harsh atmosphere.

Location: Bel-Nem, Bonaire

  • Lot size 7727m2
  • Building footprint 2113m2
  • Living area 4440m2
  • Landscaping 5614m2
  • Pool area 507m2
  • Garden area 1383m2
  • Pool terrace área 1486m2
  • Rooftop area 689m2
  • Driveway and parking area 2241m2
  • Concrete m3 1737m3
  • Structural steel 711,7 tons
  • Steel rebar 73,5 tons
  • Glass enclosure 623m2
  • Glass railing 395m2
  • 18 Single apartments: 2 bedrooms -2 bathrooms 121m2
  • 3 Single apartments: 3 bedrooms -2 bathrooms 149m2
  • 2 Single apartments: 3 bedrooms -3 bathrooms 155m2
  • 2 Pent house: 3 bedrooms -4 bathrooms 201m2
  • Commercial area (4 Commerces) Pool area and common terrace
  • 55 parking spots