In the heart of the city Caracas, Oasis was commended for large city apartment units. We appreciate the beautiful sightseeing of the city and the mountains have to offer, and thus designed the building with a fully staggered volume, to evolve from the linear visuals of the rectangular floorplan towards the wider, more tridimensional views of the corner windows.

To be able to cope with the complex shaped floorplan, more importance was given to the vertical lines on the façade, they helped distinguish the corners as stand-alone volumes and also to reduce mass where the windows cant go from floor to ceiling.

The whole structural concept was conditioned to displace the corner columns for the important windows, after that to balance both load and the rigidity required by seismic code for the resulting axis layout. The low density of single unit per story is the ideal setup for natural lighting and ventilation on multifamily projects, specially when the building stands out from lower adjacent constructions.

Location: Caracas, Venezuela

  • Lot size 1478m2
  • Building footprint 1008m2
  • Covered area 2778m2
  • Living area 1981m2
  • Landscaping 470m2
  • Preserved trees 8 trees
  • Garden area 171m2
  • Preserved trees 8 trees
  • Parking área 537m2
  • Concrete m3 946m3
  • Steel rebar 95tons
  • Glass enclosure 511m2
  • Glass railing 52m2
  • 1 Single apartments: 4 bedrooms - 5 bathrooms - private garden - playroom 367m2
  • 2 Single apartments: 4 bedrooms - 5 bathrooms 647m2
  • 1 Pent house duplex: 5 bedrooms - 7 bathrooms Parking area (21 parking stalls)