Playa project is the team’s vision about a recent trend and challenge worldwide which is the narrow commercial beach lots. The fact that this typology is emerging even spontaneously in some places attracted team’s attention, the richness at the same time ambiguity of the use of the space, which call for versatility through time brought our interest to another level.

Initially the design got phased out in three separate buildings: the gates, the lodge and the clubhouse break down the project according to different building use and spatial quality. The lodge is “protected” between the gates and the multifunctional beachfront structure, enjoying the more quiet area of the property and using the lower density in favor of private gardens for the rooms and massage – meditation space.

The clubhouse approaches closer to simplicity for consequent versatility, the more open and freer plan, the more diversity of activities can take place inside it. The less things to maintain in front of the ocean the more reliable the building will be. Only concrete and charred wood were the elements chosen to realize this mixture of restaurant, bar, rooftop, pool, disco and venue location in front of one the world’s most popular surf beaches.

Location: Hacienda Iguana, Tola, Nicaragua

  • Lot size 2638m2
  • Building footprint 590m2
  • Living area 833m2
  • Landscaping 2048m2
  • Preserved trees 16 trees
  • Garden area 1190m2
  • Ground level terraces 299m2
  • Pool and pond 213m2
  • Concrete m3 443m3
  • Steel rebar 44,3tons
  • Glass enclosure 152m2
  • 6 Suites Restaurant
  • Pool and terrace Bar and lounge
  • 4 Massage rooms Rooftop terrace
  • Travel agency/office Parking area