As our first realized project, Teka house became the studio’s experiment on its beliefs about space continuity and construction around existing trees. Situated in a very dense and diverse forest, the plot of land came with many mature specimens of precious wood such as teak (Teka Grandis), Guanacaste, ceiba and mahogany.

Teka is our reinterpretation of the traditional colonial house characterized by the interior patio layout and the ground level only elevation, we believe this ancient lesson is the less invasive way for humans to coexist with green space.

The typology of interior garden varies on each of the different gardens and rooms. Perforated block perimeter walls allow the air to flow, and the shade of the big trees along with sophisticated insulation foam inside the concrete ceiling slabs keep the heat away from all interior spaces throughout the seasons.

Inhabitable rooftops allow visitors to enjoy the maximum tactile experience with the trees and contemplate the abundant fauna that they accommodate.

Location: Hacienda Iguana, Tola, Nicaragua

  • Lot size 1769m2
  • Building footprint 423m2
  • Living area 423m2
  • Landscaping 1346m2
  • Preserved trees 27 trees
  • Garden area 1030m2
  • Pool area 61m2
  • Rooftop area 233m2
  • Concrete m3 617m3
  • Steel rebar 60,9 tons
  • Glass enclosure 118 m2
  • 5 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms
  • Kitchen + dinning + living room 4 Interior gardens
  • Rooftop terrace 2 Parking spots