Our Team

Sustainability is behind every single decision we make. We question all our ideas against both environmental impact and cost-efficiency, We pursue maximum durability, low maintenance and most importantly active and dynamic interaction between the building and the natural elements that are unique to its location.

Our architectural teams are working day-to-day with both structural and environmental engineers, who push design ideas often in opposite and even contradicting directions, intentionally generating debates that always result in fully integrated solutions.

Every project starts with site analysis and user profiling, to carefully understand its potential and expectations. The Structural and M.E.P. Engineering conceptualize on the initial stages, and then follow the contractors through to completion on site, together with the architect and interior designer. Our team is constantly changing and growing as we partner with local practitioners and suppliers to make procedures more efficient in certain locations.

The Environmental Engineering team focuses on achieving efficient building systems that reduce energy and water consumption, enhance user comfort and ensure indoor environmental quality.

Carlos Ayala Galavis - Rutciel Cabrera

Architect and Urban Designer - Interior Design