Anahata continues to be a learning process about its intended purpose of sensing and experiencing gravity. The way the concrete elements that hold the building become main texture and finish even inside its most intimate spaces definitely enhances the perception of weight and mass, which we balanced supporting the whole structure with core walls instead of columns, to be able to have a continuous concrete texture on floors, walls and ceilings and thinner and more stylized sections for all of them.

The disposition of the three individual modules around the pool, and the sharp linear edges they emphasize mean to confine a clear outdoor space where light and shade perform their everchanging spectacle throughout the day and where diverse landscaping themes can coexist.

Scaled to the size of this home, the interior garden concept is brought to a next level, this time in a more contemplative than inhabitable way, creating a sense of windows looking at the sky and the canopies of the trees.

All spaces of the house were conceived to have openings on both windward and leeward enclosures, allowing for natural ventilation regardless of wind direction.

Location: Hacienda Iguana, Tola, Nicaragua

  • Lot size 2619m2
  • Building footprint 330m2
  • Living area 330m2
  • Landscaping 2289m2
  • Preserved trees 39 trees
  • Garden area 2013m2
  • Pool area 86m2
  • Rooftop area 235m2
  • Concrete m3 238m3
  • Steel rebar 32,2 tons
  • Glass enclosure 137 m2
  • 4 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms
  • Kitchen + dinning + living room 1 Interior gardens
  • Rooftop terrace 2 Parking spots