Mango house will be built on top of an old orchard lot from decades back. After rezoning the property and removing some of the plants and trees, 22 healthy specimens of hardwood remained and continued to grow to become the wide canopies they are today.

Designed on a triangular lot and free from privacy requirements, this family home is characterized by the presence of the pool’s reflection on all its spaces and rooms. The L shaped floorplan clearly separates private from public, and a lap area extension for the pool matches the corridor’s length and makes it much more than a transition space: it’s a relief covered area for the bedrooms as well as it’s solar protection element.

The three-sided lot was challenging to design for natural ventilation. Two of its sides are also residential lots, reason why void spaces confined only with perforated block were necessary in between all bedrooms, living areas, garage and guesthouse. They allow the air to get in and out easily, and provide a lot more natural light for the interiors.

Location: Hacienda Iguana, Tola, Nicaragua

  • Lot size 2944m2
  • Building footprint 528m2
  • Living area 556m2
  • Landscaping 2416m2
  • Preserved trees 38 trees
  • Garden area 1662m2
  • Pool area 189m2
  • Terrace 565m2
  • Concrete m3 1013m3
  • Steel rebar 50,6 tons
  • Glass enclosure 195m2
  • 5 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms
  • Service kitchen and living kitchen 4 Interior gardens
  • Conditioned living and dinning room
  • Pool and terrace area
  • Rooftop terrace 4 Parking spots