Shaped mostly by the strict design guidelines of the downtown Fort Lauderdale area, this waterfront residential building is continually debating with the city to put in practice more and more sustainable strategies for tropical weather, promoting less energy consumption and more outdoor living for a culture which has evolved to be air- conditioning dependent.

The long overhangs will be Its most important manifestation about sustainability and the main attractive for its presence in the urban context. The freedom of working on a quake-free environment made stylized and thinner slabs possible but also gave the building a lot of flexibility to organize its floorplan and to distribute mechanical, plumbing and electrical lines throughout.

It became clear from start that units needed to have openings towards both the road front and the river, so cross ventilation as well as sunrise and sunset light were achieved.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, United States

  • Lot size 950m2
  • Building footprint 494m2
  • Living area 2178m2
  • Landscaping 456m2
  • Preserved trees 4 trees
  • Garden area 138m2
  • Waterway terrace 107m2
  • Concrete m3 927,6m3
  • Steel rebar 92,7 tons
  • Glass enclosure 423m2
  • Glass railing 95m2
  • 6 Single apartments : 3 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms 232m2
  • 1 Pent house: 3 bedrooms - 4 bathrooms 431m2
  • Rooftop (pool and common terrace ) 4 Interior gardens
  • 14 Parking spots 4 Boat slips
  • Docking area