Exploring further about luxury living in the tropics, this project is our approach to the low-density condo buildings. The traditional layout of two units per story is something we have observed in beach communities around the globe, it became a topic of interest to find ways to build sustainable while still being able to propose a carefully designed structure that is still simple but has an expression to it.

We determined that keeping the height of the modules at three floors would provide a subtler scale, especially for the large outdoor spaces that often exist around these building blocks. Inhabitable but private rooftop space was key to promote outdoor living amongst natural environments, with them, the need for alternative solutions to hide mechanical and electrical equipment to achieve an open plan up there.

The floorplan intentionally broke the module in half to introduce the stairs in between and allow for the air to flow through the building for cases where the blocks are very close from each other and impede natural ventilation for the urban context.

Location: Guacalito de la Isla, Tola, Nicaragua.

  • Lot size 3849m2
  • Building footprint 726m2
  • Living area 1608m2
  • Landscaping 3123m2
  • Preserved trees 26 trees
  • Garden area 1842m2
  • Pool area 176m2
  • Pool terrace 298m2
  • Concrete m3 861,5m3
  • Steel rebar 86,1tons
  • Glass enclosure 403 m2
  • 6 Apartments : 3 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms Pool
  • Pool terrace 6 parking stalls
  • Rooftop terrace